Interesting facts about ISRO’s PSLV-C37


Ten interesting facts about PSLV-C37 launch on 15-02-2017

ISRO launched 104 satellites today (15-02-2017) at 09:28 AM through Polar Satellite launch vehicle (PSLV) from Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota. The Interesting facts about the launch are

  1. In 104 satellites, 3 satellites from India that are Cartosat-2D, INS-1A and INS-1B.The remaining 101 satellites are from international customer Nano Satellites (USA-96, Netherland-1, Switzerland-1, Israel-1, Kazakhstan-1 and UAE-1).
  2. This 104 number of satellites which is nearly 3 times higher than the normal flown in a single mission currently.
  3. This is the PSLVs thirty eighth consecutive successful mission, the total weight of all 104 satellites on PSLV C-37 was 1378 kg in which the largest weight is Cartosat-2D around 714kg.
  4. Cartosat-2D has a life span of 5 years which is used to take picture of coastal land line areas, road network monitoring.
  5. This is a four stage mission and launch last for 28 minutes, all the satellites released into space in just 18 minutes.
  6. The satellite placed in an orbit is about 520 km from the earth.
  7. It travels with the speed of 27,000km per hour which is 40 times greater than the speed of passenger airline.
  8. By todays success, ISRO has beaten its own record (in June 2016, 20 satellites in a single launch) and Russian record (in 2014, launched 37 satellites in single launch).
  9. The use of this satellite is to monitor illegal fishing and to do the microgravity experiment without an expensive trip to an international space station.
  10. The height of the launch vehicle is about 44.4 meter and total weight is around 320 ton.

The total number of international customer satellites launched by PSLV has reached 180.

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