inspiring story of colonel sanders - founder of kfc

The Inspiring Story of Colonel Sanders – Founder of KFC

The Inspiring Story of Colonel Sanders – Founder of KFC

1. He lost his father at the age of 5
2. He was a school dropout at the age of 13
3. At 17, he had already held at least dozen of jobs
4. He was fired from most of his jobs till 18
5. He got married at the age of 18 to his girlfriend and she left him at 20, took their baby daughter
6. He also got fired from railway at the age of 22
7. His wish of studying law was also a failure
8. At 40, he started selling chicken dishes, that faced a deadly shoot out
9. At 44, he opened a motel in service station but was forced to close that too at the age of 65
10. He decided to commit suicide but ended up in a great failure

Yet the old man didn’t get tired!

He went door by door to sell his recipe, he heard 1009 “no” before his first “yes”. Now, he’s founder of second largest food chain in the world.

He’s none other than the tastiest man, Mr. Colonel Harland Sanders,
Founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).

But guess what, he had held $3.5 million , when he died at the age of 90. Age does not matter if you have the attitude and the drive to succeed. Giving a second chance in life is showing a middle finger to failures in your life.

“Wouldn’t let anything or anyone to defeat you!”
“Believe. Dream. Try. Succeed. Age, no bar!”

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