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Dropbox founding story – with founder Drew Houston

Dropbox founding story - with Drew Houston

Drew Houston’s Dropbox Founding Story
  • Growing up in suburban Boston, he began tinkering at the age 5 with an IBM PC junior
  • Signed up to beta test an online game, and rooting out security flaws
  • By freshman year at MIT he spent most of time in reading business books
  • Created an automated gambling “Bot”, a computer program to play online poker and failed
  • Idea for Dropbox was born, when he forgot his USB memory stick, leaving him with a laptop and no code to work
  • Flew to San Francisco to pitch his idea to Paul Graham of incubator Y Combinator
  • Found a co-founder Arash Ferdowsi, who dropped out MIT to start Dropbox
  • Rejected buying offer from Steve Jobs, saying he wanted to build a big company

In 2010, Drew Houston was called the best young tech entrepreneur by Business week. As of 2015, Dropbox was responsible for 0.29% of all worldwide internet traffic.



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