Tom Monaghan Dominos

Domino’s success story – with founder Tom Monaghan


How Tom Monaghan turned a single floundering pizza parlor into the world’s leading pizza delivery company.

1937 – Born in the University town of Ann Arbor, Michigan
1941 – Father died of peritonitis on Christmas Eve
1943 – Spent 6 to 12 age in catholic orphanage in Michigan
1949 – Mother reclaimed him back to home
1955 – Graduated 44th in a class of 44, in public school
1959 – Got honorable discharge after 3 years of duty in US marines
1959 – Invested $2000 in get-rich-quick scheme and lost his money to an oilman
1960 – Along with his brother, purchased failing pizza store for $900
1965 – Enjoyed modest success and bought two more stores, named it Domino’s Pizza
1967 – Sold his first franchise, with a profit of $50,000
1970 – Unrestrained expansion put Domino’s into $1.5 million debt
1973 – Completely recovered Domino’s, but the ordeal taught him a lesson
1975 – Amstar Corporation, manufacturer of Domino sugar sued for infringement of trademark
1980 – Federal court announced, Domino’s Pizza was no way confused with Domino sugar
1983 – Achieved lifelong dream by purchasing Detroit Tigers for $35 million
1989 – Domino’s boasted almost 5000 stores in US and nearly 260 countries
1990 – Distracted by other interests, Domino’s faced gradual decline
1992 – Sold Detroit Tigers to his competitor Mike Ilitch of Little Caesar’s Pizza
1993 – Closed his museum of architecture created by Frank Lloyd Wright
1998 – Sold Domino’s Pizza to Bain Capital estimated $1 billion
1999 – Domino’s boasted more than 6200 stores and was the world’s No.1 pizza delivery company
2003 – Founded Ave Maria University, Monaghan’s major initiative in catholic higher education
2009 – Provided funding for Ave Maria school of Law, which was founded in Naples, Florida
2011 – Founded Gyrene Burger Company, military themed burger delivery
2015 – Domino’s has more than 11,000 stores in over 73 countries

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