Companies that are owned by non-profit organizations

Companies that are owned by non-profit organizations

Lists: Companies that are owned by non-profit organizations

  1. Wikipedia – Owned by the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation
  2. Mozilla Firefox – Owned by the non-profit Mozilla Foundation
  3. Rolex – Owned by the non-profit Hans Wilsdorf Foundation
  4. National Geographic Channel – Owned by the non-profit National Geographic Society (25%) & 21st Century Fox (75%)
  5. TED – Owned by the non-profit Sapling Foundation


Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia owned by the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation. It is one of the top 10 most visited websites in the world trailed by Google, YouTube, Facebook, Baidu and Yahoo. Wikipedia consists of more than 40 Million articles, which are created and edited by Volunteers around the world with more than 500 million unique visitors every month. The rise of Wikipedia had an economic effect on printed versions of encyclopedia Britannica, which cannot able to compete with a product that is essentially free.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is an open source web browser owned by the non-profit Mozilla Foundation. Firefox was created by Mozilla community members in the name “Phoenix” in 2002. Firefox is the second most popular web browser in the world followed by Google chrome, which is available in almost all the platforms. Firefox has half a billion users in the world and it is still popular in Cuba, Germany and in African Countries.


Rolex is a Swiss luxury watchmaker owned by the non-profit Hans Wilsdorf Foundation. Rolex is one of the top 100 famous brands in the world producing about 2000 watches per day. Upon the death of his Wife Florence Frances May Crotty in 1944, Hans Wilsdorf established Hans Wilsdorf Foundation and left all of his shares in Rolex to the foundation, making sure that all income from the Rolex would go to the foundation. Hans Wilsdorf died in 1960; since then Rolex is owned and run by the foundation.

National Geographic Channel

National Geographic Channel is an American TV channel owned by the non-profit National Geographic Society (25%) and 21st Century Fox (75%). The channel creates programs involving nature, culture, science and history etc… National Geographic Channel has a sister channel, Nat Geo Wild which produces animal related programs. National Geographic Channel is available for 74% of television households in United States.


TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is an American set of conference owned by the non-profit Sapling Foundation. TED speakers are chosen based on recommendations. Any individual can nominate a TED speaker and TED organizer will get in touch with the nominee for further evaluations. TED prize winner will receive $1 Million along with the support from TED staff for launching their ideas. In 2006, a ticket costs around $4,400 and will be $17,000 in 2017, all by invitation only.

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Companies that are owned by non-profit organizations
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