Jack Ma - Alibaba Founder

The Inspiring Story of Jack Ma – Founder of Alibaba

Never Ever Give Up – Inspirational story of a Business Magnate He grew up very poor in communist China. He failed many times in exams than most of us could in a lifetime. He wasn’t deterred, when Harvard rejected his application 10 times. He applied for 30 different jobs and was rejected by all of […]

7 Tips for employees to avoid layoffs

7 Tips For Employees To Avoid Layoffs

7 Tips for employees to avoid layoffs Whenever there is a fluctuation in the market, change in your top management, any of your big clients conclude their contracts, there will be a sign of layoffs in the organization. Employers do not have any magical formula to give employment security at this circumstances, but there are […]

Harsh realities of being an Entrepreneur

  This post is about the harsh realities faced by an Entrepreneur who likes to follow his/her dreams. Most of the entrepreneurs in today’s world, did not get support from family and friends to follow their passion. But, still their hungry for innovation and excellence makes them to follow their dreams.


Five Interesting Facts About Trappist-1

  Five Interesting Facts About Trappist-1 Seven planets circle Trappist-1, with orbits ranging from one and half to 20 days Trappist-1 is located at a distance of 235 trillion miles which is about 40 light years Six out of seven Trappist-1‘s planets have surface temperature ranges from 0 to 100C If a person standing in […]