Amazing facts about Warren Buffett – Infographics

Amazing facts about Warren Buffett which aspiring entrepreneurs can relate to their lives.

Amazing facts about Warren Buffet
  •  When writing annual letters to his executives, Warren Buffett is very clear in his goal of not losing share holder’s money. He has given complete freedom to his executives in implementing their ideas, without timely meetings and discussions.
  • He started investing at the age of 11 but he regrets that he started too late. This shows the interest & involvement Warren Buffett have in business and investment.
  • When people save their savings in bank, Warren Buffet made money to work for him by investing his savings in buying a small farm at his 14.
  • Simplicity in life – Driving his own car, though there may be many people ready to drive for him. He thinks that “Every person has his own life.”
  • Man created money – Warren Buffett is the 3rd richest billionaire in the world, but still he lives in a small 3-bedroom house that he bought 50 years ago.
  • Neither a mobile phone nor a computer – He isn’t big fan of trending technologies. He is neither a hater nor a supporter of new technologies and devices. He has an ability to prove that he can earn more even without access to these devices.
  • Donated $31 billion to charity – Warren Buffett advices young people to not to spend money on unnecessary things; Just spend on them. Money do not create man but it is the man who created money.

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