7 Tips for employees to avoid layoffs

7 Tips For Employees To Avoid Layoffs

7 Tips for employees to avoid layoffs

Whenever there is a fluctuation in the market, change in your top management, any of your big clients conclude their contracts, there will be a sign of layoffs in the organization. Employers do not have any magical formula to give employment security at this circumstances, but there are some steps employees can take to prevent themselves from being fired.

  1. 1.Don’t be an over confident performer

Even if you got first rating in your recent performance appraisal, you may be too close with your top management, you may be an iconic resource to your client, you will not know when your company will stop loving you. So, always be clear in your responsibilities and make sure you are meeting them in a timely manner. Make sure your work is getting recognised by your supervisors, because companies are less likely to layoff star performers.

  1. Assuming you are already in the list

Many people start packing their things by losing hopes and become invisible during layoffs season. Instead, maintain your daily routine in the office. Maintain your high standard of performance and keep sending your progress reports. Make yourself irreplaceable and let your employer decide the deserved and the forfeit one.

  1. Don’t trash talk your employer

Don’t trash talk your employer during coffee time and stop stirring up the rumour which might not be happening. Instead, list down the extra allowances and facilities your employer can cut off to reduce the costs. Unwanted rumours may leave you at risk and it may leave an impression in your friend’s mind that they are going to be sent out.

  1. Start thinking in boss mind set

Suggest your employer about the ways of increasing revenues in your project. Think of repositioning the resources from one department to other where the demand and requirement is high. Take additional responsibilities on your team and always display a positive attitude. Be open minded to work for extra time and temporary salary reductions. Employers always remember the resources who helped them in their tough times.

  1. Waiting for company to take the lead

Be active always to look for other opportunities inside and outside your organization. Don’t get emotionally attached to your employer, because you will not know when your employer will stop loving you. Stay hungry to learn for new technologies that keeps you competitive and safe guard your current position. Network with colleagues for other opportunities that match your skill set. Who knows! You may even get an offer by referral before publicly getting posted.

  1. Getting caught without an updated resume

Other departments may interview you, in case your department was forced to reduce the head count. Keeping your resume updated will help you to show case your skills. Very first thing an interviewer look to evaluate a candidate is a good quality resume. Share your resume with your friends and colleagues that may help you to secure a position.

  1. Maintain professional and personal separately

Many professionals use their work email and phone numbers to maintain their personal contacts. Don’t tie your life with a string which is not totally under your control. Maintain, personal contacts separately in social networks that may help you to reach your friends in case your access is blocked professionally. Always be a resource to your contacts, so that they can reach you when help needed.

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