7 Facts About Bill Gates – Infographics

Bill Gates – the man behind the largest software company in the globe, Microsoft. Certainly, he is the richest man in the world. There are many interesting facts about this great man. Few are listed out in the infographics.

7 Facts about Bill Gates

Bill Gates earns thousands of dollars every minute. On an average, he earns $250 every second, that comes around $20 million a day, $7.8 billion a year. You can take a look at every second earnings of Bill Gates in the Live Counter.


Bill Gates owned 49% of Microsoft during the initial public offerings(IPO) in 1986. But now he owns only 4% of Microsoft with almost 238 million shares. Steve Balmer – former CEO of Microsoft owns more shares than Bill Gates as of February 2015. He has sold 80 million shares annually for past 12 years for funding Gates foundation. He already donated more than $28 billion of his fortune to Bill & Melinda Gates foundation. He has pledged to give away more than 50% of his fortune to charity. By mid of 2018 Bill Gates will not have direct ownership of Microsoft in terms of stakes.Even then, he remains the richest man on the planet. Wondering How? Here is the answer.


Gates founded Cascade Investment a limited liability company in 1994. Cascade Investment is a diversified American holding and investment company which is the personal portfolio of Bill Gates. Its investments include Coca Cola (20% Stake), Berkshire Hathaway (6.1 million shares for $7 billion), Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts (47.5% stake), Microsoft Corporation, Canadian National Railway (12% Stake), Republic Services Inc – US waste management(20-29% Stake), $28B in Televisa etc.. More than 50% of Gates fortunes are held outside his Microsoft shares.

“Success is one-half working for money, and one-half working that money” -Anon

Work for money when you are asleep, and make money to work for you when you are at sleep.

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