10 Tips for office goers during rainy season

10 Tips For Office Goers During Rainy Season


After the hot summer, the monsoon is a welcome change. Most of us love the smell of the earth, the clean air, and the greenery. However, it could be a challenge to commute during monsoon. So here are some tips for office goers to act smart and feel comfortable during this monsoon.

1.Keep Rain Coat and Umbrella With you Always – The most effective thing you can do is to keep your raincoat and Umbrella always ready when you go out in the rainy season.

2. Keep your gadgets safe and protected – Keeping your mobile phones and laptops protected from getting wet is important during the rainy season. A good plastic cover ensures that they are safe and remains in service.

3. Keep a spare set of clothes ready – It is, therefore, advisable to keep a spare set of clothes in your office bag. You may fall ill after spending a day in office with wet clothes.

4. Know well your roads and diversions – Gather information about the pits on the road that are covered with water.Leave well before normal time to deal with road diversions.

5. Avoid wearing jeans and thick fabrics – It is a very bad idea to wear jeans during monsoon. If your jeans get wet, you will have to spend the entire day in that and take a long time to dry.

6. Avoid Cakey makeup during season – If the humidity ruins your perfect hairstyle, stick to a simple ponytail or a bun. Avoid full makeup to protect yourself from skin infections.

7. Avoid touching your eyes – Eye infections like dry eyes and corneal ulcers are common during rainy season. Refrain from touching eyes with dirty hands, those who spend long hours in front of a screen.

8. Avoid eating outside during rainy season – Eat nutritious food and avoid eating out during the rainy season. Prepare the meal with full precaution and maintain health and hygiene throughout the house.

9. Intake hot drinks during season – Make a hot soup for yourself or at least drink a cup of hot milk to avoid catching a cold or save you from catching any cold infection.

10. Shower After Being Caught in Rain – Although it sounds very unusual, taking a shower after getting drenched in the rain will protect you from many infections and allergies.

We need water. Let it pour. Let us enjoy it.

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